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Our recourses

NC Partnering Ltd is a bioeconomy advisory company set up to utilize the collective skills and insights of a diverse team. Each partner brings hands-on experience from world-class companies and major industrial projects, and our international network of individuals, companies and institutions provides us with virtually unlimited resources for tackling intricate and demanding projects.


  • Jukka Kantola
    Jukka Kantola
    Partner, CEO
    • M.Sc. (eng.), eMBA
    • Market knowhow and Asia/EU-contacts
    • Wide forest industry network
    • International management experience from various executive positions
  • Martin Doktar
    Martin Doktar
    • M.SoC.Sc.
    • Senior expert on Marketing and Sales, M&A and organisation building
    • Corporate matchmaking
    • Cultural versatility gained in North-America, Europe and Asia
  • Olli Dahl
    Olli Dahl
    Partner, Professor, Clean Technologies
    • M.Sc. (eng.), Dr. (tech.)
    • Innovations and latest technology in chemical pulping
    • Environmental technology within process industry
    • Sustainability assessment (environmental, economical and social factors)
  • Esko Nenola
    Esko Nenola
    Partner, Wood Supply and Forest Operations
    • Forest Engineer, M.Sc. (Business Administration)
    • International wood products industry, M & A
  • Antti Kivimaa
    Antti Kivimaa
    Partner, Director, Mechanical Forest Industry
    • M.Sc. (Eng.) / M.Sc. (econ.)
    • Senior expert in mechanical forest industry and project implementation
    • Global network with suppliers, investors, mechanical forest industry operators
  • Tuomo Niemi
    Tuomo Niemi
    Senior Partner, Chemical Forest Industry
    • M.Sc. (chem. and pulping tech.)
    • Senior expert in pulp mill technologies and project implementation
    • Manager for design of major pulping sector investments globally
    • Global network with suppliers, investors, forest industry operators
  • Jin Hailiang
    Jin Hailiang
    Partner, Business Development
    • B.Sc. (Eng.), MBA

Associated partners and experts

  • Aimo Laakko
    Senior advisor, Energy
    M.Sc. (eng.)
  • Vesa Mikkonen
    Senior Advisor, Chemical Processes and Bioenergy
    M.Sc. (eng.)
  • Aimo Mustam√§ki
    Senior Advisor, Layouts and Design (HTOL)
  • Bruno Lepitre
    Senior Advisor
    MIM (HEC Paris)
  • Markku Karjalainen
    Professor, Wood Construction
    D.Sc. (Tech), Architect
  • Martti Launonen
    Senior advisor, ecosystems
    Dr. (tech.)
  • Lars Pawli
    Senior Advisor, Organizational Development
    M.Sc (eng.)
  • Stefan Fors
    Senior Advisor, Investments and Biomaterials
    M.Sc. (chem. eng.)
  • Sam Xia
    Senior Advisor, China business environment
    Ph.D & Senior Economist
  • Lasse Koivunen
    Senior advisor, Russia
    M.Sc. (econ.)
  • Zhang Dongji
    Senior Advisor, Projects and Investment
    M.Sc (eng.)

Network of companies

Tapro Engineering

CTS Entec







University of eastern Finland

Nanjing Foresty University

University of Technology, Lappeenranta

University of Oulu

CLIB 2021


Media Partners


Sam Rowe, Caro Consulting
Senior Advisor, PR and Media
BA (hons)